onlineGone are the days when the only ways to advertise your business is through paper and print. They are still as effective as the next technique but you should not enclose yourself with the idea of only using these methods to market your products and services.  Be open to newly discovered and invented methods like buying cheap traffic to your website to promote it and give it a little push.

Now, we have online marketing. If you have not allotted budget for this in last year’s company plan, then you better include it in the next five to ten years. You should find the best online marketing techniques and apply it to your company.

Online marketing is enhancing awareness of your brand and your company. It is using online tools, applications, and other devices to promote your business. It is ensuring that your products are seen by customers.

Online marketing is all about knowing your target market. Knowing your niche for your services is not just using the basic methods that you have used previously in the business. Today, online marketers use analytics to give you concrete feedback and precise numbers so that companies can take advantage of the information that you get from the evaluation of your market.  Recently, the most used is the mobile traffic google analytics data.  This show how mobile phones has become a common thing to use for online transactions.

What are the ways of marketing your business online?

Build a website

One of the most effective ways to have integrity on the internet is through a website. You should have a website for your business. It must all the company information detailing the corporate side, the products that you sell, that vision that you want to cast people and the community where you operate, contact information that customers can use to talk to you, and other related services that you offer.


Offer coupon codes on products

Another way to enhance your sales is by offering voucher codes and coupon codes to customers. It has been proven to be effective by online shops like Lazada and Zalora. They have gotten thousands of new customers because of this strategy. Make sure to offer good deals on buying the products that you sell such as an aliexpress coupon code for mobile accessories on check out.

Design an affiliate program

The biggest online retailer, Amazon, has been doing this for years. They partner with other website makers to endorse the products that they sell online. When a customer clicks on your advertisement and pays for it through the Amazon store, the affiliate site gets a commission with every item sold.  Similarly, this is what happens when a parship dating app is downloaded and installed on a smartphone.

4 thoughts on “What is Online Marketing?

  1. I agree with the third one. I am an affiliate site creator for five years now. And I have been making a living off my affiliate sites. Aside from Amazon, I also have a site that is affiliated with web hosting, banks, and other e-commerce sites. You can try it for yourself.

  2. During my Amsterdam top sightseeing, I was looking for a good deal on shirts. I then saw an ad that gives promo codes from this particular e-commerce company. I have no idea how popular this site is. But I tried it anyway. I got the product and they sell good stuff. Now, I only buy apparel and clothing this website- thanks to the promo code that I got from them.

  3. Thanks for the article. In my experience, I mostly get the services of companies that have a website as opposed to those that do not. It just provides integrity to the site. I feel that companies that went out of their way just to create a site already have the machinery and the resources to back up their actual products and services.

  4. I have been doing affiliate marketing for 8 years and as expected, it has given me a lot go great opportunities improve my financial standing.

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